Parts of the House in Spanish

In this post, you’ll find a list with the Spanish terms for rooms and parts of the house.

Where are you right now? It’s very probable that you are sitting at home, but in which room? Can you name it in Spanish?

The house is probably the place where we spend most of our time—even if most of this time is spent sleeping. So it is a good idea to learn the Spanish terms for the spaces we are most familiar with.

This week, we are learning how to name rooms and parts of the house in Spanish.

I’ve put together two lists.

The first one contains rooms and parts of the house:

PARTS OF THE HOUSE in Spanish: bedroom - cuarto de baño, balcony - balcón, bedroom - dormitorio, ceiling - techo, chimney- chimenea, courtyard- patio, dining room - comedor, door . puerta, elevator - ascensor, floor - suelo, garage - garaje, garden - jardín, hallway - pasillo, kitchen - cocina, larder - despensa. living room - salón, roof - tejado, room - habitación, sitting room - sala de estar, stairs - escalera, study - despacho, terrace - terraza, toilet / restroom - aseo / servicio, wall - pared, window - ventana.

The second one shows how to name the different floors of a building.

When writing the English equivalent of a Spanish term, I normally don’t put much emphasis on the different English variations. But, since the way that floors are counted varies between English speaking countries, I’ve made a distinction between American and British English. Note: Spanish uses the same system as British English.

(You can read more about the numbering scheme used for building floors in different parts of the world on this Wikipedia article.)

FLOORS OF A BUILDING in Spanish: basement- sótano, first floor / ground floor - planta baja, second floor / first floor - primer piso, third floor / second floor - segundo piso, fourth floor / third floor - tercer piso, fifth floor / fourth floor - cuarto piso, sixth floor / fifth floor - quinto piso, seventh floor / sixth floor - sexto piso, eighth floor / seventh floor - séptimo piso, ninth floor / eighth floor - octavo piso, tenth floor / ninth floor - noveno piso, eleventh floor / tenth floor - décimo piso, attic - ático, terrace roof - azotea.

Next week, I’ll be back with the Spanish terms for furniture and other appliances and home accessories. In the following weeks, I’ll share an exercise you can use to practice all this “home vocabulary”.

So be sure to come back next week for more Spanish vocabulary!


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