Imperfect Tense Conjugation Charts for 20 Regular Verbs


Use these charts to practice the imperfect tense conjugation of 20 regular verbs with your students


Conjugation charts for 20 regular verbs + Blank Charts

8 AR group verbs
6 ER group verbs
6 IR group verbs

Conjugations are presented grouped (each group in one page) and individually (each verb in one page)

Print out the grouped conjugations and hand them out to your students.

You can use the individual conjugations to help your students memorize the forms in different ways:
-Project them from your computer.
-Print them out and paste them on the bulletin board.
-Print them out and use them as flashcards.

Includes blank charts for all the verbs.

Verbs: bailar (to dance), cenar (to have dinner), desayunar (to have breakfast), estudiar (to study), hablar (to speak), llegar (to arrive), repasar (to review), trabajar (to work), barrer (to sweep), beber (to drink), comer (to eat), correr (to run), leer (to read), meter (to put inside), abrir (to open), compartir (to share), cumplir (to fulfill), escribir (to write), recibir (to receive), subir (to go up).

Because the page orientation for the grouped charts and the individual charts is different, there are two different PDF files in the Zip Folder.

I have created two exercises to further practice these 20 verbs that you can find in my store.

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